Books for your Kitchen

When I was in the hospital and went from a no sodium to a low sodium diet I thought my doctors were crazy. How was I supposed to stay under 1500 MG’s and how was I supposed to eat the food without salt? I began with some simple stuff, fresh vegetables and proteins cooked at home. My husband began looking for our normal stuff with no sodium or very little. We soon figured out a simple breakfast, went onto lunch and dinner became our meal for experimenting. To do this there are a few things we had to do, and you will need to do this as well.

  1. Spend quality time making your grocery list, start with meals than write down your items.
  2. Plan on fresh vegetables, frozen works too! I do both.
  3. Have quality good proteins, if you plan on being serious get good proteins that are fresh.
  4. This will cost you more money, so the list will help.
  5. You will need time to cook, so carve it out each morning.
  6. HAVE A PLAN! You just can’t stop by the local fast food place to pick up something quick.

I love cook books and the best gifts I received are these 2 very important cook books in my opinion:

So why you ask … how many times does a recipe call for soup? For an example Cream of Vegetable soup has 560 MG’s for 1 cup in Better Homes, store bought low sodium cream of vegetable soup 676 MG’s per packet. I have not thought about buying soup in over 6 months, since I had to change my life.

You ask what’s the difference … the cook book calls for for 1-1/2 cups of chicken or vegetable broth. Make your own broth – the Joy of Cooking will show you how under ‘Vegetable Broth’ it calls for season to taste – salt, you can elimiante the salt, reduce the salt, or use a salt substitute. (Read the label on your salt containter or use and find out how much sodiun ½ teaspoon has.) I recommend eliminating it or using a substitute (this is potassium, check with your doctor.)

Joy of Cooking will help with chicken or beef broth as well and there is no salt in these recipes. For your vegetable soup use your own broth 0 sodium, use unsalted butter 0 sodium, ¼ tsp salt substitute 0 sodium, milk 98 MG’s. So now we have reduced the Better Homes recipe to 25 MG’s per serving, under my magic number of 100 MG’s!

This is why these two books made me cry when I received them! They give you everything you need to cook from scratch, and you simply change the salt, many people automatically cut it in half. So this would be an 1/8 of a teaspoon for our recipe, this brings us to 71 MG’s of salt and 25 MG’s for the milk and yes it’s under 100 MG’s, my magic number! My husband eats what I eat so I would go with this, since this will save me time.

These broths can be made ahead of time and than just freeze them, if you aren’t going to use them right away. Salt is a preservative and your dishes will not hold up for more than a few days.

As an extra something my husband also gave me is this cook book, and yes I cried too! You must try the Green Bean Casserole, less than 40 MG’s per serving, yummy! And this is from my husband, the guy in love with salt. What I like about this book it that it has the recipe, just like most cook books but the salt has been elimated or reduced. Remember the dish traditionally calls for cream of mushroom soup, and I won’t buy this but this book doesn’t use the soup.

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