Low Sodium Meals 01

Yogurt and Toast < 100 mg’s ~

I really want to make pizza and salad for dinner, but pizza has the potential to blow up the MG’s! So I need to be careful today …

Here’s a typical breakfast with low MG’s …

  • My bread toasted with no salt butter and cinnamon
  • Banana
  • ½ Greek vanilla with wild blueberries (9 grams of protein)
  • Coffee with cream

Yogurt and cream have the sodium … so this has approx. 75 mg’s, but I tell myself 100, so I have some room to spare.

Light Lunch ~

When dinner is going to use all the sodium milligrams for the day …

Try this lunch, not only is it light, it’s healthy total Sodium MG’s = 227

  1. My veggie dip … see recipe under the recipe link ¼ cup 40 mg’s
  2. Swiss Cheese slice 1.5 oz. … 135 mg’s
  3. 1 medium carrot sliced … 42 mg’s
  4. Rice crackers … 10 crackers 60 mg’s
  5. Tomato and pepper slices ZERO
  6. Sparkling Ice drink … (my soda, I don’t drink soda pops but if you do look at the sodium count next time) ZERO

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