Kicking salt to the curb?

Reducing salt can seem daunting, you may already think you don’t eat much salt.  If you fall into this lane, take a look at a few things in your cupboard. Cereal, soup, canned item of your choice, bread, cheese, frozen entree, etc.  Now read the ingredient label, are you surprised at  what you are seeing?  Experts can’t agree on how much we should consume, but they all agree we consume too much.  50% of Americans have to be on low salt diet for heart or kidney medical issues.  In Europe there is also increasing evidence of a link between high salt intake and stomach cancer, osteoporosis, obesity, kidney stones, kidney disease and vascular dementia and water retention. – See more at:

Reducing salt is acquiring a new taste almost, since salt has becone an acquired taste reversing this is the key. Here are ten ideas to get you get on your way …

  1. Cook often … freeze left overs!  Salt prolongs shelf life.
  2. Pair takeout meal with fresh veggies, eat half the entree.
  3. Reduce incrementally, if the recipe calls for a half tsp. of salt use a 1/4.
  4. Read labels
  5. Salt free shortcuts … frozen or no salt can veggies, you can add your own salt.
  6. Add more fruits and veggies to your diet.
  7. Salad dressing ~ make your own, start with vinegar and oil, add a seasoning.
  8. Condiments ~ do what you can to cut these out, or look for low/no salt types.  Ketchup, has a lot of salt so does soy sauce.
  9. Salt with style .. use a salt grinder, use fresh herbs.
  10. Fresh herbs and spices, try a herb garden.

Click on the link for “Cooking Light” here or in my  Chaos Roll and read the article, and see what other great stuff they have!

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