Chopped Veggies!

Sounds boring right?  WRONG!  Making life styles, means changing your attitude about things you cannot change. I have to live with a low sodium diet which mean fresh veggies, these have not been processed. I would have added strawberries but didn’t have them, but I will have them next time the citrus flavor will be a great addition. So here you go ….

  1. Chop into small chunks ~ 1 each, tomatoe, cucumber, avocado, jalapeño, yellow and green pepper, green onion, and carrots (3 led).
  2. Mix together and basalmic vinegar golden, red wine salad vinegar, Mrs Dash Table Blend and Goat Cheese (or Feta Cheese).
  3. 4 servings
  4. Low Sodium cheese … My label said 180 MGS per serving
  5. Carrots 60 MGs per carrot – 180
  6. Approximately 90 MGs per serving.

Yummy and under 100 MGs this is L💜VE!

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