Pickeled Veggies

I am sure these is a proper work for this, but I’m sticking with this one.  It’s easy to communicate with others and so easy to make.  This is one of those items I miss, and have made the decision to not eat from the store because of the amount of sodium in them.  A close friend told by chance one day what she was making and couldn’t wait to eat it.  I asked what it was and here it is …

  • You need an airtight container, I use mason jars quart size.
  • Fresh veggies of your choosing, by choice ~ jalapenos, onion, garlic,  carrots and sweet peppers
  • Vinegar, plain not salad.
  • Ground Pepper (if you want salt add it, I skipped it.)

I cut my veggies, chunk size and stuffed the jars adding whole peeled garlic.  I think added the ground pepper, filled the jar with vinegar.  I put the lid on the jar very tight.  I left them overnight.  I made three jars.  You can eat these with lots of stuff.  My favorite thing is to eat them with sandwiches, deli or otherwise.  It makes a great side dish, low in calorie, my version is low in sodium.  Don’t forget carrots have sodium, 60 MG’s per one medium carrot. So beware of what and how much you use.  I used regular white onion, I think next time I will use pearl onions.  Below you see where I started!  Enjoy and share your creations.  Thank you Cheryl, you turned me onto this.


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