Yummy!!! Popcorn

Hello everyone …

It’s been awhile I know, a lot has happened over the last few and my life is beginning to settle down a bit, (at least enough for me to blog!)  I have several to post, but I thought I would start with a fun one.

POPCORN!  And tomorrow is game day and we all need a healthy snack.  This has to be my favorite one, but if you look at the ingredients on those bags you will be disappointed.  So … we make it at home!  Honestly by guy makes the best popcorn, but he recently agreed to a West Bend Air Popper!!! ANNDDDD, it was not hard to get him to agree.

My Recipe … Low Salt Popcorn

  1. I fill to the max line with my store brand popcorn, if fills a medium size bowl (plenty to share)
  2. 2 tablespoons of no salt butter
  3. 2 tablespoons of a nice grated parmesan cheese, the one I have is 55MG’s of salt per a tablespoon.
  4. Total MG’s of salt for my whole bowl is 110 MG’s … this is AWESOME

Try it you won’t be disappointed!  You can add any flavor you want, make one up of your own, if you are a popcorn lover you will not be disappointed.


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