Taco Salad with Cabbage Salsa



We L❤️VE salads in the summer, unfortunately the dressing that finishes off the salad has SO MUCH sodium!  Getting a salad out will give you heartburn too because of the items in it that take something good to the no eat zone!  Don’t believe me just look at the nutritional facts many restruants provide now.

This is my recipe … (Salsa will be posted seperately.)

  1. Ground beef, by a good one!  Most are about 85 MG’s for 3 oz.
  2. #MrsDash No salt Taco Seasoning.
  3. I chopped a bell pepper into my meat you can also chop onion.
  4. Brown your meat add your seasoning.

For the salad part … chose healthy toppings!  Here are mine …

  1. Diced red onion
  2. Diced tomato
  3. Shredded lettuce
  4. Shredded natural sharp cheddar cheese – about 165 MG’s for 1/4 cup

For your shell …

  1. 2 use 2 corn tortillas that I have fried to soften up most of the time ZERO MG’s
  2. in this picture I picked Mission tortillas chips because they are low sodium and I had leftover MG’s.

This salad must have a salsa dressing, I make this with No Salt canned tomatoes or as the case in this picture I used Cabbage Salsa to top it.

As you see low sodium, this one has about 500 MG’s ( Meat, chips and cheese).  There isn’t another item in here with salt so depending where you are with MG’s will determine how much you put on (within reason of course!)

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